Who Else Wants To Mix Like Martin Garrix?

Do you know what all the top Dj’s have in common? This is possibly the one thing they all know for sure.

I discovered their secret back in the day. I had some DJ Gear setup in my parents garage. A couple of soundlabs. They were crap, but eventually they taught me a very valuable lesson. 

The Soundlabs were belt driven turntables with noisy, crackly needles that jumped all over the place. And a mixer with a dodgy cross-fader. It sounded like someone was messing with the speaker wires every time you touched it…..On the upside, there was a top sound system to blast it all through, LOTS of bass!

Those turntables were terrible. When you let go of the record the belts were so loose that it took a couple seconds to get up to speed. The needle jumped all over the place whenever you wound a record back to cue up the record.

We stacked pennies, weights, tacks…Whatever we could find to try weigh the needles down……They still jumped, only now they were also wrecking the vinyl!

They were dreadful. But they served a purpose and after a year or so I did manage to blag a gig at a local event.

My first gig was about to fail badly, and teach me what the pro’s Know. What did they know? Read on.

Friday Night – Was The Dream About to Come True?

Friday night finally came and off I went with my bag full of vinyl. I had been buzzing all week. Couldn’t wait. I was on second, there were only maybe a hundred people in the room.

Have you ever used Technixs 1210’s? Let me tell you, they are a world away from the belt driven soundlabs I had. I now know that the technics are much better but on that Friday night, on that stage, I had no idea how to use them and I bombed. Big style!

After 2 years the soundlabs went in the bin and I learnt a valuable lesson. You gotta have the gear if you want to succeed.

What do the top DJ’s know that gives them the edge? Whats their secret?

You need to have the same gear that is installed in the clubs. Period, full stop. If modern clubs have CDJ’s then you need to get a set as soon as you can.

Trust me, practising on cheaper alternatives does not work!

Does It Help That Much?

After that dreadful night I got rid of my entire setup and bought two Technics 1210’s. This was the industry standard and that night showed me I was useless on it.

I pretty much started from scratch again.

It doesn’t matter where they are born or what music they play all professional DJ’s have one thing in common. They have the equipment that the clubs use to practice on, day in day out.

Anyone can learn to mix like Martin Garrix, but you need the right gear.

Wasting so much time on those crappy soundlabs is one of my all time regrets. A little bit more money at the start would have put me years ahead.

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