Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 Portable 2-channel controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 is pioneers Serato controller. For those who have no idea, a DJ Controller is basically a DJ mixer that plays and controls the tracks on your computer. You have your MP3’s on your laptop, plug the laptop into the controller and you can use the controller to mix the tracks together. You are effectively using your computer as a player and the controller does all the controlling!

Pioneer have always been at the forefront of DJ tech and this is no exception. Its popularity speaks volumes, the DDJ controller is amazing!

Its a compact, 2-channel mixer/controller that integrates perfectly with Serato…In fact, it comes packaged with it! The DDJ SB2 is designed to be a portable unit but still has massive jog wheels and lots of other features that make this an amazingly versatile DJ Controller.

Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 Features

The Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 has so many useful features that we probably can’t list them all but here goes :

  • Tactile pads give you instant access to the track with 8 large pads on each channel that trigger Hot cue, auto loop, manual loop, sampler, play, cue, sync and shift.
  • Massive aluminium jog wheels give you an almost latency free experience. These have been specifically designed to allow you to scratch so as you can imagine, there is virtually no lag.
  • Trim knobs let you adjust the input levels on the fly, on each channel.
  • Independent low and high pass filters on each channel let you tune the individual sound on each channel independently. This is a feature rarely seen at this price point and an extremely useful feature.
  • built in MIDI controller.
  • Powered by standard USB enabling you to power it up from your laptop, no need for a separate power supply.
  • The built in sound card allows you to connect straight to your amplifier rather than using the computer sound card. This avoids many latency issues that other units sometimes have.
  • Comes with all cables you need. You can just unpack it and start mixing straight away.
  • Record your mix digitally on serato for sharing or playback or whatever you want to do with it.
  • Works on both Apple and Windows machines.
  • Will work with virtual DJ as well as other software….But it does come packaged with Serato lite.

Physical Dimensions

Width – 487 mm
Height – 58.5 mm
Depth – 271.2 mm
Weight – 2.1 kg

Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 Overview

This compact controller is amazing. Its responsive and tight and the features it has at this price mean that it can battle way above its price point. It is a compact, 2 channel controller that effortlessly integrates with your laptop. You power it from the USB connection to the computer.

At nearly half a meter wide and 2.1 kg’s theĀ Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 is ideal as a portable unit. Grab it together with your laptop and you can DJ anywhere. It has a built in sound card so you can connect to any sound system. All your tracks need to be stored on your computer but one thing I would say is that you may want to upgrade to Serato full.

Backlit jog wheels would be a major advantage but they may struggle to provide this with the USB power source.

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