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Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 is pioneers Serato controller. For those who have no idea, a DJ Controller is basically a DJ mixer that plays and controls the tracks on your computer. You have your MP3’s on your laptop, plug the laptop into the controller and you can use the controller to mix the tracks together. You are effectively using your computer as a player and the controller does all the controlling!

Pioneer have always been at the forefront of DJ tech and this is no exception. Its popularity speaks volumes, the DDJ controller is amazing!

Its a compact, 2-channel mixer/controller that integrates perfectly with Serato…In fact, it comes packaged with it! The DDJ SB2 is designed to be a portable unit but still has massive jog wheels and lots of other features that make this an amazingly versatile DJ Controller.

Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 Features

The Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 has so many useful features that we probably can’t list them all but here goes :

  • Tactile pads give you instant access to the track with 8 large pads on each channel that trigger Hot cue, auto loop, manual loop, sampler, play, cue, sync and shift.
  • Massive aluminium jog wheels give you an almost latency free experience. These have been specifically designed to allow you to scratch so as you can imagine, there is virtually no lag.
  • Trim knobs let you adjust the input levels on the fly, on each channel.
  • Independent low and high pass filters on each channel let you tune the individual sound on each channel independently. This is a feature rarely seen at this price point and an extremely useful feature.
  • built in MIDI controller.
  • Powered by standard USB enabling you to power it up from your laptop, no need for a separate power supply.
  • The built in sound card allows you to connect straight to your amplifier rather than using the computer sound card. This avoids many latency issues that other units sometimes have.
  • Comes with all cables you need. You can just unpack it and start mixing straight away.
  • Record your mix digitally on serato for sharing or playback or whatever you want to do with it.
  • Works on both Apple and Windows machines.
  • Will work with virtual DJ as well as other software….But it does come packaged with Serato lite.

Physical Dimensions

Width – 487 mm
Height – 58.5 mm
Depth – 271.2 mm
Weight – 2.1 kg

Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 Overview

This compact controller is amazing. Its responsive and tight and the features it has at this price mean that it can battle way above its price point. It is a compact, 2 channel controller that effortlessly integrates with your laptop. You power it from the USB connection to the computer.

At nearly half a meter wide and 2.1 kg’s theĀ Pioneer DJ DDJ SB2 is ideal as a portable unit. Grab it together with your laptop and you can DJ anywhere. It has a built in sound card so you can connect to any sound system. All your tracks need to be stored on your computer but one thing I would say is that you may want to upgrade to Serato full.

Backlit jog wheels would be a major advantage but they may struggle to provide this with the USB power source.

Check it out now

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36 Amazing DJ mixers You Can Buy Right Now Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:31:18 +0000 Having a set of turntables is all very well, but what good are they without a great DJ mixer? Without

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Having a set of turntables is all very well, but what good are they without a great DJ mixer? Without a mixer all you have is two individual record players.

Its a bit of a myth that a good mixer has to have lots of knobs and buttons. This isn’t true. A good mixer has good sound, reliable sliders…..And maybe a few knobs to mess with!

Here are lots of the best DJ Mixers you can buy today.

Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ Mixer for Serato DJ

  • +Intuitive layout
  • +Great built in effects
  • +Incredibly user friendly
  • +Massively customizable
  • -Faders are not user replaceable

Mixars DUO MKII for Serato

  • +Great construction
  • +Looks great
  • -Can be difficult to get the buttons to do what you want

Pioneer DJM-S3 Mixer for Serato DJ


Pioneer DJ DJM-750 MK2 DJ Mixer

  • +Inbuilt amazing sound card
  • +Includes USB lead
  • +Looks amazing
  • +Onboard signal processing gets rid of noise
  • -Expensive
  • -Complicated to use in parts

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2

  • +Great sound, plenty of bass
  • +Fast becoming the club standard mixer
  • +Amazing AD converters
  • +Great EQ’s
  • +Xpad is great fun
  • +Send and return for external effects is really useful
  • +Sharp cut in on the crossfader
  • -Assignment of beat effects seems weird
  • -Expensive

Pioneer DJM-450

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

  • +Great crossfaders
  • +Integrates seamlessly with Traktor
  • -Paint comes off the faders
  • -Some people have issues with software glitches

Allen and Heath Xone:92

  • +Easily a club standard mixer
  • +Amazing sound quality
  • +Very reliable
  • +Amazing filters
  • +Lots of outputs
  • -Lots of additional functions that you probably will never use

Behringer DDM4000

  • +Optical faders
  • +Optical cross fader available
  • +Customizable output
  • -Not amazing build quality
  • -Looks quite cluttered

Behringer VMX1000USB

  • +Very Cheap
  • +Lots of features
  • -Feels a bit cheap

Numark M6

  • +Great for parties
  • +Very simple
  • +Smooth crossfader
  • +Easy to use
  • +Good sound
  • +Excellent value
  • -Cue buttons are small
  • -Larger than expected

Pioneer DJM-250MK2

  • +Clean sound
  • +Great build quality
  • +Amazing value
  • +Built in sound card
  • +XLR outputs
  • +Good layout
  • -Stiff input faders
  • -No booth/monitor outputs

Allen and Heath Xone:43C

  • +Excellent sound quality
  • +Built in USB Soundcard
  • -Large size

Numark M2

  • +Very basic layout
  • +Smooth crossfader
  • +Easy to use
  • +Amazing value for money
  • -Needs a sampling option
  • -Slight hum from mains voltage

Behringer DX2000USB

  • +Superb sound quality
  • +Familiar layout, user friendly
  • +Great features
  • -Controls don’t feel very sturdy

VocoPro KJ-7808RV

  • +Great mic preamps
  • +Amazing value for money
  • +Great effects section
  • +RCA and XLR outputs and inputs
  • +Lots of functions
  • -Only a single send/receive
  • -No HDMI outputs

Allen and Heath Xone:PX5

  • +Amazing sound
  • +Great Filters
  • +Looks unbelievable
  • +Integrated MIDI


Reloop RMX-90 DVS


  • +Internal 22-Channel Sound Card
  • +Dual USB Ports for Simple DJ Change Over
  • +Magnetic Crossfader
  • +3-Band Isolator EQs Plus High-Pass/Low-Pass Filter for Each Deck
  • +FlexFX Loop with Six Internal Effects, Analog Loop and USB Insert
  • +Looks amazing

Behringer DJX750

  • +Amazing value for money
  • +Compact design
  • +Lots of features
  • +Good sound quality
  • -The slides for the channels and cross-fader are too loose
  • -Sticky crossfader
  • -Knobs are inconsistant

Pioneer DJM-2000nexus

  • +Lots of features
  • +Nice effects
  • +Bright sound quality
  • -Big price tag

Denon DJ X1800 Prime

  • +4 Digital inputs
  • +Crisp oled screen
  • +Amazing, high quality effects
  • +Expressive EQ
  • +Club quality mixer
  • +Great layout, familiar to any pro DJ
  • -Expensive

Behringer NOX101

  • +Great value
  • +Simple layout
  • +Surprisingly sturdy knobs and buttons
  • -Sliders and crossfader can be a bit hit and miss
  • -Fader can be stiff

Allen and Heath Xone:23C

Allen and Heath Xone:43

Gemini MM1

  • +Extremely good value mixer
  • +Simple design and layout
  • +Tiny mixer
  • -Can be crackly at times
  • -Headphone output can be a little low at times
  • -No power switch on the unit

Behringer DX626

  • +Cheap
  • -Crossfader not set up right
  • -Can be unreliable after heavy use
  • -Terrible sound
  • -BPM monitor doesn’t really work

Roland DJ-99

  • +Good manufacturer
  • +Very simple layout
  • +Easy to use
  • +Bargain price
  • -Not many features

Mixars MXR-2

Reloop RMX-80

  • +Fully digital
  • +Club performance mixer
  • +High quality effects
  • +Very programmable
  • -May be too large for most DJ’s

Mixars CUT


  • +Very basic layout
  • -Very poor recording capability

Allen and Heath Xone:DB2

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3 Best DJ Turntables You Can Buy Today Thu, 07 Dec 2017 13:30:30 +0000 Im going to show you the best 5 turntables you can buy right now. But before that, why does anybody

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Im going to show you the best 5 turntables you can buy right now. But before that, why does anybody even want a turntable?

In the old days, before CDJ dominated DJ booths, there were turntables. They had a cartridge, a needle, a start stop button and a speed control. And thats all you really need to put a banging set together.

Even though most DJ booths operate mainly on CD’s and MP3, there is still something about a turntable that makes DJ’ing seem so much more natural and fluid. And the sound produced is often thought to be much warmer and more natural.

One major advantage a turntable has over a CD or MP3 player is instant playback from anywhere on the track. You just drop the needle where you want it. This is one of the reasons that scratch DJ’s prefer to use turntables and vinyl, you have far more precise control over where you are on a track and everything can happen just much quicker.

If you want to scratch then your best option is a direct drive turntable.

Lets clear a question up right away.

Whats The Difference Between a Belt Drive and a Direct Drive

A question that comes up all the time “Whats the difference between belt drive and direct drive turntables”. From a construction point of view the differences are that a belt driven turn table has a big belt around the turntable platter and the a small pulley on a motor. The motor spins, the belt moves, grips the platter and the platter spins. A direct drive turntable is slightly different. The platter is directly connected to the motor shaft. The motor spins and so does the platter.

The advantage isn’t obvious unless you have used both versions of a turntable. The belt driven turntable is nowhere near as good for the DJ.

Belt driven turntables suffer from a serious problem. They have very low torque that means the speed pickup is slow. When you hold a record in place on a belt driven turntable, the platter will usually stop. When you let go again, it might take 2 seconds to pick up the speed. And this only gets worse with age as the belts wear out and get slacker. Speed control is also a problem with belt drives. As the belt slackens with age, the speed control becomes less and less accurate. Because of the way the speed of the motor is controlled, there is no feedback to ensure the motor speed is accurate so you often end up with the speed ramping slightly up and down constantly.

On the up side, there is a rumour that they have better sound quality due to the isolation of the motor.

The only real option for the DJ is a direct drive turntable. The pickup is almost instant and you don’t get any warble in the speed. They are usually quartz controlled and very precise, the speed doesn’t stray at all. When you hold the record in place the platter underneath will keep moving due to the torque and speed control. So when you let go, the pickup is almost instant.

These are three of the most popular turntables currently available.

Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ Turntable

pioneer plx1000

Pioneer used to make the iconic technics turntables that used to be the industry standard. So its no surprise to see their turntables on this list.

The PLX 1000 actually looks a lot like the original technics turntables. All the buttons are in a similar position and it just looks the same.

As you would expect, this is a high torque, direct drive model so there is no delays in speed pickup, no warbling on the sound and the needle barely jumps while you hunt around a track.

This is an exceptional professional turntable. It has precise speed control that never sways from where its set and on top of that, its black sleak design offers the classic look that anybody will be immediately familiar with.

If you liked the Technics 1200’s then you will love these, they are simply an enhanced version of them with the same amazing build quality. No plastic chassis here.


Audio-Technica AT-LP120 Direct Drive Turntable

ltp 120 turntable

This appears to be entry level direct drive turntable. But don’t let the low priceĀ  put you off, some people have described these as ‘technics clones’

This is every bit a professional turntable as other models. The amazing sound and great build quality on this audio technica unit have made it one of the most popular options for people who want an affordable direct drive turntable.

It has the speed control and the pop up cuing light that the pioneer models have but it also has a forward and reverse play facility, a USB output for your computer and it also comes with a built in pre-amp so you can plug it straight into your amp.

The construction is great, its made out of plastic but it is well made. I have no idea who would use the backward play facility but hey, this is still a great turntable and can’t be beaten on value for money.

Pioneer PLX-500 DJ Turntable

plx 500

The Pioneer 500 is VERY similar to its big brother, the PLX-1000. It has the same, sleak, familiar design as the 500 but it is more than half the price!

You still get a direct drive turntable with quartz control and precise sound and speed control. You still get two speed settings and a popup cue light. You still get a strobe light showing you what speed setting you are on.

So whats the difference?

The main difference is the glowing blue lights on the 1000 model….And a massive increase in torque! The PLX 1000 has a lot more torque, but then you are paying for it and do you really need it? If you are a professional scratch DJ and every micro second counts then you will notice the difference. If however, you are a dance music DJ, you won’t notice the difference.

Again it all boils down to what you are going to be doing. If you are going to be working in clubs and bars then you could use any of these turntables and be more than happy with them. If you are scratching and cutting then you will likely need the additional torque of the PLX-1000.

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