Who Else Suffers With Cue Deafness??

Picture this. The musics banging, the crowd is exploding and your heart is pumping. Its time to drop the next track, take it up to the next level. One ear on the main track and the other on your headphones, you got this…..Damn it, can’t hear a thing….Time to Ramp up the volume on the cue…Arrrgh still can’t here a darn thing.

An angry crowd and an embarrassing situation is just seconds away. You are about to shit yourself! On the upside a valuable lesson is about to be learnt. Don’t skimp on your equipment!

You haven’t gone deaf and your mixing skills aren’t shite. the problem is likely your headphones aren’t loud enough to get over the main volume.

Luckily the solution is simple, You need to get the right headphones. The foldable ATH-M50X’s from Audio Technica are an excellent choice and are used by professionals in clubs and studios all around the world.

What Do All Amazing Headphones Have?

Big volume. Small drivers in cheaper headphones cause low volume syndrome. Larger drivers allow your headphones to compress more air and drive a much louder and fuller sound to your ear.

More sound = More volume = Easier mixing when the volume is cranked up.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50x headphones are among the best in the world. Audio technica are the world leading audio equipment manufacturer. They specialise in high end microphones and headphones for the pro market.

Their M50X headphones are perfect for DJ’s. Massive volume will blast your brain with high clarity sound that you can hear no matter how loud the house speakers are!

You get a huge pair of 45mm drivers specifically designed for you and your profession. No other set of cans will deliver volume like these!

You even get 90° swiveling earcups specifically designed for easy, one-ear monitoring. The professional-grade earpad and headband material give you great comfort for hours and it means you can play for ever without breaking them!

Sound isolation is amazing, once the you have them on you can’t hear anything but your music, even in a loud night club….But that’s not the best bit.

Another Essential Secret Ingredient

Banging volume is one thing but its no good if you can’t tell whats playing. You also need amazing sound quality.

Pop on your M50X’s and the experience lets you feel the bass and pick out every instrument . Cuing the next track becomes easy thanks to the extended range and crystal clear sound quality. Even in a loud club you can hear every piano break down and every vocal…Even quiet intros are easy to pick out over the club sound system.

This amazing sound quality is due to the extended range of these immense headphones. These cans reproduce the music as it was meant to be heard, every sound is sent to your ears at near perfect quality.

Is It Worth Buying The M50x Headphones?

If you have the cash, buy them. They are an amazing pair of headphones that any DJ would be proud to own. The sound quality is excellent and they have enough volume to wake the dead. But its the little extras that make the difference. Like the interchangeable lead, meaning you can instantly swap between a spiral and a straight cable, no more tangled cables!

Their critically acclaimed sonic performance has been praised by top audio engineers and pro DJ’s and producers around the globe.

The 2 year manufacturers warranty is the cherry on the cake. Snap a pair up now.

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