36 Amazing DJ mixers You Can Buy Right Now

Having a set of turntables is all very well, but what good are they without a great DJ mixer? Without a mixer all you have is two individual record players.

Its a bit of a myth that a good mixer has to have lots of knobs and buttons. This isn’t true. A good mixer has good sound, reliable sliders…..And maybe a few knobs to mess with!

Here are lots of the best DJ Mixers you can buy today.

Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ Mixer for Serato DJ

  • +Intuitive layout
  • +Great built in effects
  • +Incredibly user friendly
  • +Massively customizable
  • -Faders are not user replaceable

Mixars DUO MKII for Serato

  • +Great construction
  • +Looks great
  • -Can be difficult to get the buttons to do what you want

Pioneer DJM-S3 Mixer for Serato DJ


Pioneer DJ DJM-750 MK2 DJ Mixer

  • +Inbuilt amazing sound card
  • +Includes USB lead
  • +Looks amazing
  • +Onboard signal processing gets rid of noise
  • -Expensive
  • -Complicated to use in parts

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2

  • +Great sound, plenty of bass
  • +Fast becoming the club standard mixer
  • +Amazing AD converters
  • +Great EQ’s
  • +Xpad is great fun
  • +Send and return for external effects is really useful
  • +Sharp cut in on the crossfader
  • -Assignment of beat effects seems weird
  • -Expensive

Pioneer DJM-450

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

  • +Great crossfaders
  • +Integrates seamlessly with Traktor
  • -Paint comes off the faders
  • -Some people have issues with software glitches

Allen and Heath Xone:92

  • +Easily a club standard mixer
  • +Amazing sound quality
  • +Very reliable
  • +Amazing filters
  • +Lots of outputs
  • -Lots of additional functions that you probably will never use

Behringer DDM4000

  • +Optical faders
  • +Optical cross fader available
  • +Customizable output
  • -Not amazing build quality
  • -Looks quite cluttered

Behringer VMX1000USB

  • +Very Cheap
  • +Lots of features
  • -Feels a bit cheap

Numark M6

  • +Great for parties
  • +Very simple
  • +Smooth crossfader
  • +Easy to use
  • +Good sound
  • +Excellent value
  • -Cue buttons are small
  • -Larger than expected

Pioneer DJM-250MK2

  • +Clean sound
  • +Great build quality
  • +Amazing value
  • +Built in sound card
  • +XLR outputs
  • +Good layout
  • -Stiff input faders
  • -No booth/monitor outputs

Allen and Heath Xone:43C

  • +Excellent sound quality
  • +Built in USB Soundcard
  • -Large size

Numark M2

  • +Very basic layout
  • +Smooth crossfader
  • +Easy to use
  • +Amazing value for money
  • -Needs a sampling option
  • -Slight hum from mains voltage

Behringer DX2000USB

  • +Superb sound quality
  • +Familiar layout, user friendly
  • +Great features
  • -Controls don’t feel very sturdy

VocoPro KJ-7808RV

  • +Great mic preamps
  • +Amazing value for money
  • +Great effects section
  • +RCA and XLR outputs and inputs
  • +Lots of functions
  • -Only a single send/receive
  • -No HDMI outputs

Allen and Heath Xone:PX5

  • +Amazing sound
  • +Great Filters
  • +Looks unbelievable
  • +Integrated MIDI


Reloop RMX-90 DVS


  • +Internal 22-Channel Sound Card
  • +Dual USB Ports for Simple DJ Change Over
  • +Magnetic Crossfader
  • +3-Band Isolator EQs Plus High-Pass/Low-Pass Filter for Each Deck
  • +FlexFX Loop with Six Internal Effects, Analog Loop and USB Insert
  • +Looks amazing

Behringer DJX750

  • +Amazing value for money
  • +Compact design
  • +Lots of features
  • +Good sound quality
  • -The slides for the channels and cross-fader are too loose
  • -Sticky crossfader
  • -Knobs are inconsistant

Pioneer DJM-2000nexus

  • +Lots of features
  • +Nice effects
  • +Bright sound quality
  • -Big price tag

Denon DJ X1800 Prime

  • +4 Digital inputs
  • +Crisp oled screen
  • +Amazing, high quality effects
  • +Expressive EQ
  • +Club quality mixer
  • +Great layout, familiar to any pro DJ
  • -Expensive

Behringer NOX101

  • +Great value
  • +Simple layout
  • +Surprisingly sturdy knobs and buttons
  • -Sliders and crossfader can be a bit hit and miss
  • -Fader can be stiff

Allen and Heath Xone:23C

Allen and Heath Xone:43

Gemini MM1

  • +Extremely good value mixer
  • +Simple design and layout
  • +Tiny mixer
  • -Can be crackly at times
  • -Headphone output can be a little low at times
  • -No power switch on the unit

Behringer DX626

  • +Cheap
  • -Crossfader not set up right
  • -Can be unreliable after heavy use
  • -Terrible sound
  • -BPM monitor doesn’t really work

Roland DJ-99

  • +Good manufacturer
  • +Very simple layout
  • +Easy to use
  • +Bargain price
  • -Not many features

Mixars MXR-2

Reloop RMX-80

  • +Fully digital
  • +Club performance mixer
  • +High quality effects
  • +Very programmable
  • -May be too large for most DJ’s

Mixars CUT


  • +Very basic layout
  • -Very poor recording capability

Allen and Heath Xone:DB2